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User Guide – Report Page

Anatomy of a Report Page


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Important Fields On The Query Page


1. Record Counter

Data in the Report Page is either encounter-level or patient-level. When a report is first generated, only a list of patient aliases – a patient-level attribute – are given, and therefore, each row represents a unique patient. As the user adds columns, the data can become encounter-level with multiple rows per patient, each row representing a different encounter.

2. Main Report Field

By clicking on the arrows, the user can move through all the pages of results. If the user selects different columns, the number of pages of results may change as the number of encounters visible changes.

HINT: The data can be sorted as ascending or descending by clicking on the yellow field surrounding the Field Name.

3. Change Columns

To add columns to the original report, the user must select the “Add/Remove Columns…” button in the upper right hand corner of the page. Upon clicking on this button, the Add or Remove Column screen will pop up.

4. Export to CSV

In order to download the report to the client computer, select the “Export to CSV” button in the upper right hand corner of the Report Page. Data will be exported in Comma Separated Values (CSV) format and can be read by many spreadsheet and statistics programs including Microsoft Excel.

5. Save/Share Query

A query can be privately saved for a user to return to or shared publicly by clicking on “Save/Share Query”. The user will be prompted to make the query private or public to all users, and will be given the option to send the query out to various email addresses.

6. Show Filters

If at any point the user wishes to tweak the study conditions or look at which conditions were chosen, click on “Show Filters” located to the top right of the report page. Selecting this will have the query box expand out from the right, and the user will be able to navigate back to the query page by clicking on a condition.