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User Guide – CSV Download

In general, the CSV file contains the values as seen in the Report Page. However, the user should be aware of some important differences:

    1. Patient Aliases: The patient alias is displayed as a link that will direct the user back to the Patient Detail Page. The patient alias number can be found at the end of the link.
    2. Graphical Images: All graphical images are displayed as links that direct the user to the online images.
    3. Concept Columns: In the report, these will be broken out into separate columns in the CSV.
Example: 2000 Hz Response
In Report:  Listed as “value (Masked)”
In CSV:      Individual columns are used to display value (a number), Masked (True or False), No Response (True or False) and Vibrotactile (True or False)

Note: The arrangement of Data Fields, Query Concepts and Report Concepts is given in detail here. (Warning: Wonkish!)

HINT: Graphical Images are stored in multiple formats and initial image is given a link that ends in “small.png”. By changing the “small.png” to “medium.png”, the user will be able to access an “working” image that easier to see on the screen. Finally, by converting the image URL to end in “large.png”, a publication grade image can then be downloaded.