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User Guide – Add or Remove Column From Report

Anatomy of the Add/Remove Column Screen of Report Page

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Important Fields On The Add/Remove Column Screen

1. Available Columns

The left hand box contains all available columns that can be added.

One can select a data concept to add as a column by either scrolling through all available columns or by searching for the desired data concept using the search box. Similar to the search box on the query page, one can narrow down the choices in real time based on keywords that match the letters typed. Once the user has found the desired data concept, select the “+” button to the right of the concept to add it as a column in the report. Note: After the column has been added the color of the text will fade to grey, and the “+” button will disappear.

2. Selected Columns

The right hand box holds all columns that the user has selected. The Patient Alias is automatically added to the “Selected Columns” but can be removed by clicking on the black “X Remove” in the upper right corner.

Once the desired column has been identified and the “+” button has been clicked, the new column will appear in the “Selected Columns” box. To remove a previously selected data concept from the “Selected Columns” box, click on the “X Remove” button to the right of the concept name.

3. Exit Screen Options

Before returning to the main Report Page the user must select one of the two buttons found in the lower right hand corner of the web page. If the user selects “Cancel” there will be no change to the Report Page. To add the selected columns to the original Report Page, click on “Save.” Upon selecting this button, the user will be returned to the Report Page, and all changes will be applied.

Otoacoustic Emission Test

Otoacoustic Emission Test